Why Does Slab Savers Exist?

Slab Savers was created for the card community. After not just seeing but experiencing cracked slabs, greening of chromes and refractors, and color fading, we decided to do something about it. The Slab Saver was created to eliminate the common harmful elements encountered day to day. 

Trading cards continue to grow in value. With the recent card boom, it is a no brainer to protect your investments properly. Away from humidity, UV light, and potential drop hazards. 

Our card holders are created with the primary purpose of humidity control. Each Slab Saver with humidity control is configured with a hygrometer to monitor the card box internal relative humidity. Controlled with an anti humidity packet (supplied), our goal is to protect your high end cards like the Declaration of Independence. Out of light and in a low humidity environment. We may not see degradation, but over time our precious cards will continue to fade, including autographs. Mid 90’s Topps Chrome and Finest will turn green or will continue to “hulk”, an undesired feature. 

Why does “hulking” occur? The mid 90’s Chrome and Finest are configured in multiple layers as per US patent numbers 5,082,703 / 5,106,126 / 5,082,703. The first layer, a clear film is followed by ink. The ink is printed on the clear layer in a reverse manner. Followed by the ink is an embossed metallic layer, then white paper, finalized with a clear layer for protection. With this “sandwich” feature, greening occurs because of the introduction of water molecules also known as humidity.

After an ingress of humidity occurs, a chemical reaction begins known as “oxidation.” This chemical reaction is practically irreversible on a trading card. This is why it is so important to care for you trading cards.

Does heat cause greening? In a way, yes. Heat and cold cause sweating. When the air molecules are perfect for sweat to occur in the air, also known as humidity, there is nothing that can stop it from entering the card. The slabbed card is sealed but the seal is not water tight.  So long story short, heat will eventually become cold, causing humidity to enter a slabbed card. Want to prove us wrong? Grab your Luka RPA and throw it inside your luxurious swimming pool. You’ll see why we exist.