8 Pack - Jumbo Anti-Humidity Cards
Slab Savers

8 Pack - Jumbo Anti-Humidity Cards

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These anti-humidity cards are designed to work with any Slab Savers product. Reduce your relative humidity to safe levels by implementing these little cards in your Slab Saver single card holder, 30 card holder, or our large 240 card holders.

In an ambient environment of 65% relative  humidity, our recommended usage will decrease your Slab Savers internal relative humidity to approximately 30%-35%. 

Usage details are below:

Single Card Holder: 1 Anti Humidity Card

30 Card Holder: 4 anti humidity cards

Large Mega or Ultra: 8 anti humidity cards

Each recommended usage amount will protect your cards for approximately 1 month. More or less may be encountered depending on the activity of the Slab Savers card holder.

Place anti-humidity cards behind your foams or inside a card slot.

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