OG Tux Card Holder
OG Tux Card Holder
OG Tux Card Holder
OG Tux Card Holder
Slab Savers

OG Tux Card Holder

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Our sleek, handheld, US patented design preserves your card by controlling the internal relative humidity. Internal humidity levels are controlled with a supplied anti humidity packet. The hygrometer is configured with an LCD display, operating off (2) common button batteries, type LR 44.  Internally, the Slab Saver is configured with (2) soft gripper pads designed to prevent movement of your card when placed inside. Each card is secured in the slab saver, as it should be. The upper and lower lid is internally lined with polyethylene foam, Rest assured when you place your ultra high end card in the Slab Saver because your card is 100% #PROTECTED.

Product Highlights

• Holds slabbed cards securely (3 PSA, 2 BGS)

• Compatible with all grading companies

• Supports mag cases and top loaders

• Anti-humidity properties monitored via hygrometer LCD.

• Preserves autographs so they remain crisp and dark.

• Prevents greening of mid 90's refractors due to high humidity

• Prevents fading caused by UV rays

• Prevents cracked slabs causing potential regrading

• Great for shipping of high end cards

• Ready to use, no pre-assembly required.

 Minimal Maintenance Required

• LCD Battery Replacement every 2+ year

Comes with 2 month of anti humidity cards. Don't forget to add spare anti humidity cards to your basket.

*Note: Humidity levels increase when the Slab Saver is opened. Once card located inside is done being handled, close the slab saver and internal relative humidity levels will regulate within a few hours. 

Why Choose us?

We Specialize in Protection

Slab Savers is dedicated to the protection of your investments. We spend countless amount of hours researching the make-up of cards, from chrome to refractor to fully understand why degrading occurs.

We're Collectors Too!

We value the hobby just as much as you do! Our passion is just as strong as yours. You're not the only one spending hours at a time staring at a card! We want nothing more than to have the next generation share the same pleasures we had in our lifetime.

We do it all.

We believe in protecting all slabbed cards, no matter the category.

classy cards

Why choose the tux design? Because it represents luxury, high value, and class.