Slab Savers ULTRA
Slab Savers ULTRA
Slab Savers ULTRA

Slab Savers ULTRA

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 Protect your cards like no other! This case holds all graded cards regardless of model, card thickness and width! 

Dimensions: 20 x 15.5 x 8.5


Comes with 2 month of anti humidity cards. Don't forget to add spare anti humidity cards to your basket.

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Instructions: Upon receiving your Slab Savers Ultra, remove the Velcro retained hygrometer and install two (2) AAA batteries. Once installed, reinstall the hygrometer into your Slab Savers Ultra. Place your cards inside your Slab Savers Ultra and place two (2) anti humidity packets (provided) in an empty slot. Close and lock your Hobby Case. Your graded cards are now protected.